Mindtaker Miniatures is a buyer/seller of  miniatures, games, books and hobby items. We sell all over the Web and locally.

Have gaming/hobby items that you want to get rid of?

We do both consignment and outright purchase, depending on your comfort level and need for immediate cash.

How does it work?

– Submit an appraisal
– We get back to you with a quote
– You ship the items to Mindtaker
– We check in the items
– You get paid!



We can provide you an estimate for potential sales/trades/consignments based on a list and pictures or, if you are ready to go, you can drop off/mail the items and we will start the process immediately.





We buy your gaming/hobby items for cash and resell them. We don’t do this with everything because some things just don’t sell (see Items we don’t accept below for details). Additionally, some items will be offered for more or less depending on condition or manufacturer. This is the quickest and easiest option for you. You get cash immediately for your miniatures!

For most items, we generally pay 25% of Retail Value (if currently available) or 50% of Market Value.

Examples of items we accept with some representative pricing:

  • Current Miniatures
    • Games Workshop – Up to 25% Retail
    • Forgeworld – Up to 38% Retail
    • Privateer Press Miniatures – Up to 10% Retail
      • Partial PP miniatures will be bought at bits rate.
    • X-wing – Up to 25% Retail
    • Others – Up to 25% of Retail
  • Out of Print Miniatures
    • Games Workshop / Citadel – Up to 50% of Market Value
    • Ral Partha – Up to 50% of Market Value
    • Grenadier – Up to 50% of Market Value
    • Others – Up to 50% of Market Value
  • Board Games – 
    • Vintage (Checked/Complete) – Up to 50% of Market Value
    • Current (Checked/Complete)  – Up to 25% of Retail Value
    • Kickstarter (Checked/Complete) – Up to 50% of Market Value
    • Uncounted / Unchecked Board Games – Flat $1 purchase.
  • Roleplaying Games
    • Vintage – Up to 50% of Market Value
    • Current – Up to 25% of Retail Value
  • Books / Novels
    • Up to 50% of Market Value
  • Bits and Pieces
    • Good, loose, unsorted – $1/ounce
      • A Medium Flat Rate Priority Mail box filled with Games Workshop, for example, gets you $100 cash.
    • Bits on Sprue – $0.25 to $1 per frame
  • Other Games/Items
    • Vintage Toys (In Box) – Up to 50% of Market value
    • Puzzles (MUST BE SEALED) – Up to 50% of market value. 
    • Funkos (In Box) – Up to 50% of Market value
    • Geeky Novelties – Up to 50% of Market value
    • Hobby Tools – Up to 50% of Market value
    • Much, much, more
      • If you’re not sure, just ask!

Payment will be made once the items are received and checked in.




You can also use this as a ‘Trade-In’ to use as credit for purchasing other gaming/hobby items. This works exactly the same as outright purchase with the exception that most items get a bonus of at least +10% for trade value versus cash

Trade will be provided once the items are received and checked in.




We sell your stuff for you and take a 30% cut of any sales. It takes a bit longer for you to get paid, but you earn more for your items.

For a more detailed review of the Consignment Agreement, see our policy page.


You want to sell a NIB Land Raider and a painted Rhino. These two items could each get you the following:

Land Raider (NIB) – $40 Trade, $20 Cash or approximately $33.60 in Consignment

Painted Rhino – Around $15 trade, $11 cash or $15 in consignment

Accepting the Appraisal

In any case, consignment, trade or purchase, upon receipt of items we will begin the process of inventorying and selling them. If you have not obtained an appraisal prior to delivery, an appraisal will be provided as soon as it is completed. Receipt of the items by us implies agreement to our policies and consignment agreement, as well as an agreement that we may begin selling those items. If there is a delay in you responding to our appraisal, this may mean that some items begin to sell before payment is made.

Items that we don’t accept

The following items will not be accepted for purchase, trade or consignment. If these are received in a shipment, they may be discarded without payment at our discretion.

  • Recast items (personal cast or from a third party recaster)
  • Loose toys / collectibles (funkos, action figures, etc.)
  • Collectible Card Games (CCG, Yugioh, Pokemon)
  • Comics
  • Unsealed puzzles
  • Previous edition Warhammer 40k Datacards
  • Unsorted Game Cards (X-Wing, Underworlds, etc)
    • These can be included with the items but will not add much value.

After submitting the form, please check your spam folder for replies from us.


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