Sean B. Avatar
Sean B.
5/11/2022 - Google

Very quick response to appraisal requests, and the most fair prices of any miniature reseller out there. 10/10. If I ever have to pry with any more mi... read more

Jason N. Avatar
Jason N.
4/24/2022 - Google

The folks at Mindtaker Miniatures are great, and I highly recommend doing business with them. In every transaction, they have been friendly, prompt, c... read more

Erik S. Avatar
Erik S.
4/24/2022 - Google

Great service and friendly!

Matt H. Avatar
Matt H.
4/15/2022 - Google

Fast shipping and great packaging. There was no movement of the several items I bought. Pictures on the website were accurate to my items. Will be ord... read more

Joseph P. Avatar
Joseph P.
4/13/2022 - Google

Excellent shop for all things miniatures!

Alice A. Avatar
Alice A.
4/13/2022 - Facebook

Great prices for an expensive hobby, helped me get into AoS easily. Amazing shipping times, and quick responses. Couldn't recommend enough.

Wes P. Avatar
Wes P.
4/10/2022 - Google

Great business- awesome people run it! You will always be treated great with your trades!

Romero S. Avatar
Romero S.
4/07/2022 - Google

These guys are so cool, they have miniatures characters that you can paint, it’s small but very efficient, I absolutely recommend this miniature toy s... read more

Blake H. Avatar
Blake H.
4/04/2022 - Google

Consistently great experiences selling miniatures at Mindtaker! Quick service and fair prices!

Christiaan C. Avatar
Christiaan C.
3/17/2022 - Google

Awesome little shop of mostly used miniatures and boardgames. Friendly, knowledgeable, passionate staff who love games as much as you do. They do have... read more

Peter B. Avatar
Peter B.
3/12/2022 - Google

Mac O. Avatar
Mac O.
2/19/2022 - Google

Love this shop: excellent selection, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and excellent customer service. Worth a visit if you like minis or tabletop gam... read more

Vernon B. Avatar
Vernon B.
2/19/2022 - Google

Done online business with them for years. Items are always packed well and prices are reasonable. Good place to pick up rare or just outright unusual ... read more

HALO W. Avatar
2/19/2022 - Google

Mac B. Avatar
Mac B.
2/17/2022 - Facebook

Awesome shop with lots of neat and hard to find minis. Friendly and knowledgeable folks run the store and are happy to help. Love it here!

Maurice K. Avatar
Maurice K.
1/19/2022 - Google

Excellent online shop! Great service and prices. You will find some hidden gems you weren't expecting to.

James M. Avatar
James M.
1/19/2022 - Google

The owners personally notified me when an item I was looking for came in, and delivery of said item was lightning-fast. Mindtaker's attention to detai... read more

Kulin B. Avatar
Kulin B.
1/19/2022 - Google

Cool place if you want to get rid of old stuff and maybe pick-up something new or just $$$. Friendly staff reasonable prices.

Dan f. Avatar
Dan f.
1/19/2022 - Google

Great service and shipping with an inventory that is frequently updated.

Jesse W. Avatar
Jesse W.
1/19/2022 - Google

Mike E. Avatar
Mike E.
1/19/2022 - Google

Customer Service ⭐️

Dayn B. Avatar
Dayn B.
1/03/2022 - Facebook

I order a model form these guys and it came with cand. feels like a win to me

Colin Avatar
12/19/2021 - Google

Unfortunately i have never been able to go to the store, and only have interacted with them via webpage/mail. Amazing service at a great discount, an... read more

Michael M. Avatar
Michael M.
11/19/2021 - Google

I've made several purchases with Mindtaker Miniatures and always been satisfied. Very communicative if you have questions or requests, I've found the... read more

Alec S. Avatar
Alec S.
11/19/2021 - Google

Jeremy S. Avatar
Jeremy S.
11/19/2021 - Google

Super happy with the bitz. Exactly as advertised. Also great supporters of the local miniature game of scene.really easy to work with and fast to resp... read more

Morgan H. Avatar
Morgan H.
11/19/2021 - Google

Mindtaker is the best place I've found to shop for used minis.I play a lot of RPGs and I love the sculpts from companies like Games Workshop and Priva... read more

gangplank O. Avatar
gangplank O.
10/19/2021 - Google

My wife and I play a particular game system/genre that rarely comes into their shop. They are very good about sending me a personal email when that st... read more

Dylan B. Avatar
Dylan B.
10/19/2021 - Google

Hair S. Avatar
Hair S.
9/19/2021 - Google

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