We accept the following forms of payment:

  • Paypal
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Venmo
  • Cash in Person


We will hold items for later shipment with payment in full for the items.

  • Submit the order with a Shipping Method of ‘Hold for Later Shipment’.
  • Once held items are packed and invoiced for shipment no additional items may be added to the invoiced shipment. Any additional items can be added to the next invoiced shipment.
  • Paid holds in excess of six months may be cancelled and refunded if the buyer does not respond to requests to ship. Refunds will be minus a 10% restocking fee.

Item Conditions

All items are sold as is and it is the customer’s responsibility to check pictures, ask questions and otherwise confirm condition prior to purchase. These are used miniatures and often have broken or missing pieces, differing levels of paint and primer, etc. Please ensure that you are familiar with the condition of the item before purchase.

Returns and Exchange Details

We accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations
Please contact us if you have any problems with your order.

If there is a problem with an order (including from damage caused during shipping), please contact us and we can discuss our options.

Please note that in the unlikely event your package is lost during transit, we cannot be held responsible for any loss incurred. However, if a problem does arise, please contact us immediately and we will work with you and the post office to resolve the issue as quickly and easily as possible.

Also, please note that if tracking says ‘delivered’ and you didn’t receive your package, please first check with your neighbors. Then contact your local post office. Once the package is in the hands of the postal service, we have no impact on whether it arrives or not.

In the event of a return, please note that shipping costs will NOT be refunded, only the actual cost of the item. Also, please note that you will be responsible for any shipping charges to return the item to us.


We automatically ship to the shipping address on your account. If you want your item shipped to a different address, please contact us immediately after payment with the information to prevent your item being shipped to the wrong location.

In the event that a wrong address was entered by the buyer and the package does get sent back to us for whatever reason, please note that is the buyer’s responsibility to pay for the shipping costs to the proper address.

A tracking number is automatically included with every purchase that is shipped. It should be automatically e-mailed to you after shipment.

International Buyers

We will gladly ship to anywhere in the world. Insurance is *highly* recommended for International orders.
Please note that the insurance cost is NOT included in the shipping price quoted.
Please contact us immediately once the item is purchased if you would like to add insurance. We can then quote you an updated shipping price.
Also, please be aware of your country’s policy on paying duties/taxes for incoming packages. We cannot be held responsible for whatever fees you are required to pay (if any) when your package arrives. That is a government requirement for your country; we have no control over it.

Shipping Schedule

We ship out usually within 24 hours of payment but are still governed by the mail system and pickup times. You will receive a tracking number within 24 hours but the package may not be picked up until the next business day.

Consignment Agreement

Upon receipt of items, Mindtaker Miniatures will have the exclusive right to represent the agreed-upon inventory for sale. This agreement will continue automatically afterward until one of the parties notifies the other in writing or until all items have been sold. The agreement will terminate 30-days after such notice.

The consignee bears both the cost of delivering the good to Mindtaker Miniatures and the risk of any damage that occurs during that transport.

The consignee warrants that they are the legal owners of the agreed-upon inventory and will indemnify Mindtaker Miniatures in the event of disputed ownership

Inventory will reside at Mindtaker Miniatures location but remains the exclusive property of consignee.

If a detailed list is not provided prior to the start of the consignment agreement, Mindtaker Miniatures will inventory and can provide that list to the consignee at their request. Whether a list is provided or not, Mindtaker Miniatures will create an inventoried list for use in the sales of the consignee’s property. The inventoried list can be provided after the start of the agreement, at the consignee’s request, and will be considered the definitive and actual list of items in the consignment and will be used for all tracking and accounting purposes.

Mindtaker Miniatures will make a reasonable effort to sell these items for the consignee as part of their existing inventory. Some items, however, may not sell in a timely fashion, or ever, and may need to be marked down, added as an incentive to other items or otherwise disposed of. No items will be returned to the Consignee without a specific request.

The percentage split for the consignment is 30-70*. Mindtaker Miniatures will return 70 percent of the proceeds from each item to Consignee and; as compensation for identifying, counting, stocking, marketing, and tracking inventory and sales transactions, Mindtaker Miniatures will retain 30 percent.

Payment to consignee will occur regularly when total unpaid proceeds from the consignment exceed $100, if payment is to be made by Paypal, or as a separate agreement, if payments is to be made by cash. Mindtaker Miniatures will hold proceeds less than $100 until requested. Mindtaker will provide a detailed accounting of payments made to the consignee on request.

Mindtaker Miniatures can provide detailed transaction history of all parts in consignment on request. This report shall show all counts and sales prices so both parties can track the inventory and profit generated.

Mindtaker Miniatures agrees to maintain and protect the products while they are in its possession. If any property is damaged or lost, Mindtaker Miniatures will reimburse the consignee for that loss.

Consignee will notify Mindtaker Miniatures of any request to return represented inventory or inventory part(s). Items removed from consignment this way and shipped back to consignee may be deemed to have a restock charge not to exceed $5 per item. Mindtaker Miniatures will ship parts back to consignee within one week of request at Consignee shipping cost.

Mindtaker Miniatures is responsible for warranty on items sold out of consignment under Mindtaker Miniatures terms and conditions that are standard for all product sold by Mindtaker Miniatures. Consignee does not warrant the product consigned. If a product must be returned to Mindtaker Miniatures through defect or other circumstance, the product will be decremented from consignee payout. Mindtaker Miniatures will at that point work on the disposition of the material, whether to return it to stock, ship back to Consignee for inspection, or dispose of the item due to defect or quality issues.

Mindtaker Miniatures agrees to indemnify and hold harmless consignee and all persons claiming under this agreement against any and all claims, demands, costs, loss, damage, or liability arising out of (1) Actual or alleged defects in material, workmanship, or design of materials furnished by Consignee hereunder: and (2) personal injury, including death, or loss or destruction of property arising from causes directly or indirectly by any act or omission of any agent, employee, or subcontractor of Mindtaker Miniatures in performance of its obligations hereunder.

Change History:

1/1/2020 – Consignment fee for all items increases to 30%

9/1/2019 – Consignment Fee for Mindtaker Masterworks increases to 30%.

9/25/2019 – Added ‘Upon receipt of items’ to first sentence.

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