How To Save On Shipping

  • PRINT FROM HOME: If you have a printer and scale at home, you can print through Paypal, UPS or USPS websites without having to travel to the store.
  • SHIP BOOKS SEPARATE:  Pack books separately and use Media Mail for shipping for any books or printed materials. This is a significant savings over normal or flat rate shipping.
  • KEEP BOXES UNDER 12″ Do not pack your items in a huge oversized box. The dimensions of the box(es) should be no larger than 12″x12″x12″.
  • PLAN BEFORE COMMITTING Use the post office’s shipping calculator at to calculate shipping charges before paying for shipping or arriving at the post office.
  • BALANCE YOUR BOXES If you have an item that is 2lb 1oz, you are going to pay the 3lb price. If you have another box that is 1 lb 8 oz, you could move items between them to save money.
  • USE FLAT RATE SMARTLY Only use flat rate for small, heavy items. For boxes under 3 lbs and books, flat rate is more expensive than normal priority. For small, heavy items, flat rate can be significantly cheaper.
  • ASK QUESTIONS! If you are concerned over the cost of shipping or need help figuring out how to ship properly, please ask. We would be happy to help you navigate the shipping process.
  • Our address for shipping is Mindtaker Miniatures 106 SE Weir St, Suite 3. Camas WA 98607


I understand that some light damage is unavoidable with the best packing job. However, we reserve the right to return items at your cost if you do not pack them appropriately and excessive damage ensues.

Please pack the miniatures with individual packing material (bubble wrap, etc) to protect them from impacts and ensure that a correct size box is used so as to provide room around the minis (including extra packing material) to prevent damage.

Example of a good packing job (for a single item):

1 – Find the right sized box. You want a box that has enough room for your items and has space around them.

2 – This box would be too small and the items may be damaged.

3 – This box provides plenty of dead space around the items to protect them.

4 – Line the box with packing material or bubble wrap.

5 – Get bubble wrap and lay it out for your items.

6 – Place your items in a line in the bubble wrap.

7 – Roll the wrap around them to protect them. Then place a second line.

8 – Repeat this process but make sure to leave some space on the end to close the package roll.

9 – Tape or seal the roll so that it does not open.

10 – You can now fold it carefully to better fit the shape of your package.

11 – Place the roll in your box. If you have more miniatures, you would continue to do this for each set.

12 – Surround the roll with peanuts, air bubbles, newspaper or anything that will immobilize it and keep it from moving.

13 – Place packing material on top and seal the box.

What about packing larger lots of miniatures?

We have prepared this short video showing the process for packing a larger lot of miniatures safely for shipment

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