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The Portland Warmaster Tournament 2023

March 26 @ 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

The Portland Warmaster Tournament 2023
SUNDAY, MARCH 26, 2023 AT 9 AM – 6 PM
Join the Warmaster community in Portland, Oregon, USA, for a friendly tournament. New players are more than welcome!
–Warmaster Revolution Compendium version 2.0
— download from https://www.wm-revolution.com/articles/download.html.
–We will be using the following Optional Rules: Moving After Failed Command, First Order, Charging Flyers, Artillery Line of Sight, Scouting, Advanced Terrain Rules.
–Warmaster Revolutions Armies v1.23.1 “developmental”
–download from https://www.wm-revolution.com/articles/download.html
Army List.
–1500 point army created on the Warmaster Army Selector (“Revolutions Developmental” tab). http://wm-selector.appspot.com/
–Minimums are proportional, but fractions are rounded UP. Example: Empire must take 3xHalbertiers + 3xCrossbowmen. Brettonians must take 2x units Men-At-Arms + 2xSquires + 2xKnights.
–Maximums are proportion, but fractions are rounded DOWN. Example: Empire may not take more than 1 Steam Tank. No army may take more than 1 unit of flyers.
Model & Painting.
–Armies must be removed from sprues and supports and mounted on correct bases, but don’t need to be painted.
–Unpainted, alternate manufacturers’ models, and proxies must be reasonable identifiable.
Prizes For.
–“Best General” – The attendee that accumulates the most Tournament Points.
–“Best Table” – The attendee that brings the best looking mat & scenery.
–“Best Army Appearance” – The attendee with the most attractive army overall.
–Note: Past years’ winners for Table and Army Appearance may not win against with the same table and army, respectively.
How to Register.
–Message Alex Lindblom for payment instructions.
–Those that have paid $10 are considered registered and their spot is guaranteed.
–No refunds, as we will be purchasing supplies well in advance of the event.
Venue Details.
–Gongaii Games is an independent game store and comfortable place to play.
–When you arrive, come into the store and follow the signs to the event space.
–Free parking is available on-site.
–The registration fee includes lunch.
–Please note any strong allergies at the time of registration and no less than 1 week before the event).
–First match will be done by random pairings and will play out the Pitched Battle scenario.
–Second and third matches will be organized Swiss (winners play winners) using Tournament Organizer’s choice of scenarios from the Tournament Pack.
–Outcome of each game will be decided through Victory Points as defined by each scenario description.
–Note that Dwarf Trollslayers will give away Victory Points in the the same way as most other units.
Tournament Scoring:
–Ranking will be determined through Tournament points first, and Cumulative Victory Point Difference in case of ties.
–Each match will provide a player one of the following, selecting the lower value in case of ambiguity:
–Major Victory = 3 Tournament Points (TPs) given to the player that has scored double the Victory Points of their opponent
–Standard Victory = 2 TPs given to the player that has scored a VP difference greater than 200.
–Tie = 1 TP = the difference in Victory Points is less than 100
–Loss = 0 TP = not enough Victory Points for a tie or victory.
Event Schedule:
09:00 Arrival
09:15 Tournament Organizer reviews tournament rules, randomizes pairings
09:30-12:00 First game
12:00 Lunch, Hobby Competitions
12:30-03:00 Second Game
03:15-05:45 Third Game
05:45 Award ceremony
We look forward to seeing you at our tournament!


March 26
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
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Gongaii Games, Inc
10200 SW Allen Blvd. Ste. A
Beaverton, OR 97005 United States
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Andrew Wodoslawsky